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About Cities Digital

Cities Digital is a company focused exclusively on providing creative, paperless document management solutions and responsive software support. Cities Digital is a sole source for both service and support for organizations looking to implement or improve Enterprise Content Management systems and processes.

Cities Digital strives to be an end-to-end provider for specific, unique solutions - all with a high degree of honesty, integrity and attention to detail.

Group CD

Patrick 2017 Jessica 2017 Laura 2017

Patrick Welsch

Jessica Welsch
Consulting Director

Laura Froyum
Sales and Operations Director

Mike 2017 Michael 2017  

Mike Richardson
Director of Support

Michael Mathys
Director of Development

MichaelDevito 2017 Daniel 2017 Chris 2017

Michael DeVito
Account Executive

Daniel Warren
Account Executive

Chris Anderson
Account Manager

Jennifer 2017  Blank Photo for new employees  

Jennifer Murray
Account Manager

Tom Armour
Account Executive


Eric 2017 Ron 2017 kyle 2017

Eric Anderson
Systems Architect and Trainer

Ron Race
Systems Architect and Trainer

Kyle Knebel
Systems Architect and Trainer

 Dan 2017 Justin 2017  mitch 

Dan Siegel
Project Manager

Justin Steen
Project Manager

Mitchell Gardner
Jr. Systems Architect

 Rob  Blank Photo for new employees  

Rob McCluskey
Jr. Systems Architect

Sheila McEwen
Systems Architect

Karim 2017 Cody 2017 Ricardo 2017

Karim Dibba
Senior Software Support Engineer

Cody Ring
Senior Software Support Engineer

Ricardo Olvera
Software Support Engineer

 barry 2 100  Kasia  

Barry Watterson
Software Support Engineer

Kasia Lipinska

 Tim 2017 Krystal 2017  Aharon 2017

Timothy Jensen
Information Technology Coordinator

Krystal Mortensen
Office Assistant

Aharon Halberg
Marketing Coordinator

molly 1 100    

Molly Timmerman
Service Bureau Manager




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