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Laserfiche Integrations

Tools for Laserfiche


With ArcGIS by Cities Digital users have easy interaction between the ArcGIS interface and a Laserfiche® repository. The integration allows users to upload documents to Laserfiche® straight from the ArcGIS interface and view any related documents. The dynamic ArcGIS map will auto-populate, indicating which features on the map have documents associated with them in Laserfiche. Configuration is completed through Laserfiche® Web Settings, widgets within the ArcGIS interface display the associated Laserfiche® documents by generating a URL through either Web Access or WebLink. The integration brings together maps, apps, data and people to make smarter decisions and enable innovation in an organization or community.

Auto OCR

With Auto OCR by Cities Digital users have the ability to scan a Laserfiche® Repository as a scheduled task and automatically index and OCR newly added documents. This scheduled task is configured by the administrator, and runs daily with no user interaction. And once Auto OCR is set up, users can allow it to run knowing their new documents will be indexed and OCR’ed behind the scenes, making this a very convenient, efficient tool. Auto OCR saves time by allowing the administrator to configure the Windows task to run daily, and let their newly added documents be indexed and OCR’ed at the end of the day. Using Auto OCR requires a one-time configuration to set up. The Auto OCR also requires a Laserfiche® user license.

New World Integration

Cities Digital’s New World Integration offers the ability to access Laserfiche® Documents from New World Systems interface. This integration make is easy for users to view Laserfiche® Documents corresponding with New World records, as well as scan and upload documents directly into the corresponding folder.


The latest edition of this universal integration utility helps users image enable and scan to Laserfiche®. With a click of a mouse users can link customer names, accounts or invoice numbers to records in Laserfiche®. From the convenient screen “bug” or from a hotkey users can instantly view documents associated with clients, vendors or employees. Users can also scan from their favorite application and automatically import key index fields or paths to file documents. Unfetterfiche supports barcode creation via Dymo label printers and WebLink or WebAccess to display documents. It also supports the automatic creation of sub folder sets. Unfetterfiche allows for unlimited integrations with a server license.

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    CRM Integrations

    Advisors Assistant

    The Cities Digital Advisor’s Assistant integration allows users to view, scan, import and append documents stored in Laserfiche® from AA. Through a fast and lightweight window the document tree beneath a client folder is displayed for users to select documents to review, scan or import into. The Advisor’s Assistant integration is compliant with the latest release of AA.


    The latest edition of Cities Digital's Junxure integration helps users image enable and scan to Laserfiche®. With a click of a mouse users can link customer names, accounts or invoice numbers to records in Laserfiche®. From the convenient screen “bug” or from a hotkey users can instantly view documents associated with clients. Documents stored in Laserfiche will also appear in the documents tab within Junxure. The Junxure integration supports barcode creation via Dymo label printers. It also supports the automatic creation of subfolder sets. The Junxure integration also automatically imports all documents stored on the “P:\” drive into Laserfiche®.

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    • Junxure Cloud

      Cities Digital’s Junxure Cloud® Integration is used to link Junxure Cloud® records to Laserfiche® folders. From a Web Access iFrame embedded into the Junxure Cloud® interface, users are able to fully manage record-specific content stored in Laserfiche®. The integration allows users to easily access and import record-specific content right from the Junxure Cloud® interface, and also to populate Laserfiche® Templates with Junxure Cloud® data.


      Users of the popular CRM application rejoice! ACT and ACT for Advisors have been integrated with Laserfiche®. Users can view real-time displays of docume281nts stored in Laserfiche® from the contact window in ACT. The display supports drag/drop of documents, scan, import and importation of briefcases, or stored folder structures.

      Microsoft Dynamics CRM

      Laserfiche® users seeking to integrate Microsoft CRM have the ability to display documents associated with leads, contacts, accounts or sales literature right through Microsoft CRM. Laserfiche® documents are displayed in a new tab accessible from the lead, contact, account or sales literature window. Documents stored in Laserfiche® are real-time available for users to search and email. Users may also scan, import and move documents stored into Laserfiche®. The Microsoft CRM integration works with Microsoft CRM 4.0 web edition.


      The integration for Redtail by Cities Digital allows for easy interaction between Redtail CRM and Laserfiche®. Users can now work with the corresponding client documentation using Laserfiche® Web Access from the Redtail CRM interface. The integration also allows for a full Laserfiche® Repository view in Web Access to get a high level view of documentation from the Redtail CRM interface.


      The Salentica integration with Laserfiche® allows for easy interaction with Laserfiche® Documentation from the CRM interface. The Laserfiche® tab located in Account, Contact, and Lead entities provides full access to corresponding documentation stored in Laserfiche®. This integration utilizes Web Access functionality to upload or scan in documents, export electronic files and briefcases, create files and folders, and edit Template data. The Administration Configuration Page allows for mapping between Laserfiche® Template Fields and CRM Entity Attributes to optimize searching within Laserfiche®. Upload different Laserfiche® briefcases per Account, Contact and Lead to create specific subfolder structures, in the case that the contact folder structure does not exist in Laserfiche®.


      The Salesforce Integration by Cities Digital brings Salesforce CRM information together with Laserfiche® Document Management. From the Salesforce interface, users can access documentation pertaining to their Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities, along with creating new folders for new contacts. This integration has the capability to utilize both Web Access for full Laserfiche® functionality, or WebLink for a read-only view of documentation.

      The configuration allows for the use of tokens to build dynamic Laserfiche® Folder paths for the contact documentation, as well as the application of Laserfiche® Template Field information. Upload a briefcase per Salesforce entity to keep consistent folder structures, and choose between Laserfiche® Web Access or WebLink for viewing the client documentation in the Salesforce interface.


      Cities Digital’s SmartOffice Integration allows users to view documentation pertaining to contacts from the SmartOffice CRM interface. Users can configure the integration to use Web Link or Web Access for document viewing. Token values are selected during customization to create dynamic folder paths within Laserfiche®. The SmartOffice integration makes a seamless link between the CRM and document repository, saving users time, helping them stay better organized and ultimately more profitable.


      Cities Digital's integration for Springbrook allows for easy interaction between vendor or client records within Springbrook and Laserfiche® folders. With the integration, users are able to synchronize data between the two applications through Cities Digital's Unfetterfiche program. Invoices created in Springbrook can be automatically stored in configured folders in Laserfiche®, and existing images can be called from Laserfiche® to Springbrook. Vendor numbers and other information can also be auto-populated into Laserfiche® template fields for filing and workflow processing.


      The Laserfiche® Integration with Tamarac CRM by Cities Digital fully interacts with Laserfiche® Documentation per Account, Contact, and Lead Entities from the CRM interface. The integration between Laserfiche® and Tamarac offers easy integration with Laserfiche® Documentation from the CRM interface. Clicking the Laserfiche® tab located in Account, Contact, and Lead entities provides full access to corresponding documentation stored in Laserfiche®. This Integration utilizes Web Access functionality to upload or scan in documents, export electronic files and briefcases, create files and folders, and edit Template data.

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    The LaserApp® + Laserfiche® integration enables Laser App users to make use of all the normal Laser App features, like filling out forms in the Laser App® interface, but adds the ability to post these forms as PDF to Laserfiche for validation and further processing.

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    Reporting Tools Integrations

    Laserfiche®-Schwab PortfolioCenter Solution

    Cities Digital’s solution for collating and organizing reports from the Schwab Advisor Services PortfolioCenter allows Financial Advisors to stay organized and become more efficient. Using Laserfiche® Workflow, the Solution provides users with an easy way to automate the processing of large numbers of client reports, breaking them out by individual client, inserting custom pages into the report, emailing the report, and finally, archiving the report in your Laserfiche® repository. The end result will be an automated method to collate, email and store client reports from the Schwab Advisors Services PortfolioCenter in predetermined locations in Laserfiche®.

    Document Sharing


    MagniVault is a private document sharing site that allows users to share contracts, invoices and other confidential material from Laserfiche® with clients privately. Whether uploaded documents need to be reviewed and signed, or just available for clients to view as needed, MagniVault can securely improve accessibility to sensitive material.

    The latest version of MagniVault includes an updated Dashboard for both administrators and clients. The new Dashboard allows clients and administrators to see key information easier, and to create announcements and comments - or update personal information - right from the Dashboard

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    Electronic Signature

    Digital Signature Kit

    Digital Signature Kit allows users to electronically sign documents using Interlink ePad or Topaz signature pads right from Laserfiche®.

    Is your organization looking for a secure and efficient way to process documents that require a signature? With Digital Signature Kit, users are able to open any imaged document in Laserfiche® and sign electronically with either an Interlink ePad or Topaz signature pad. One or more signatures may be placed anywhere, on any page, within a document and sized appropriately. Date/time stamp may also be applied anywhere in the document in a preferred format. In addition, users have the option to save the signed document as a new file keeping the original unsigned – with both saved in the same location. All signatures are also logged in Audit Trail. Digital Signature Kit provides an easy-to-use solution for organizations looking to simplify signature processes - and allows signatures to be easily incorporated into workflows.


    Does your organization often need to acquire signatures from clients or vendors? Are you looking to streamline signature processes by using digital signatures? Then the Cities Digital DocuSign integration for Laserfiche® is for you! The integration allows users to easily open documents stored in a Laserfiche® repository with the DocuSign editor to send for signature. Working within the Laserfiche® client, users are able to open a document in the DocuSign editor by clicking a configured icon in the toolbar - and place recipient specific tags (such as signature/initial boxes, date stamps, etc.) in documents and email them to anyone for signatures. In addition, users are able to automatically import received, signed copies of the document (along with the original, unsigned document) into Laserfiche®, and incorporate DocuSign signatures into any workflow process. Failed imports are automatically retired every 5 minutes by the DocuSign listener.

    The DocuSign integration allows users to couple the convenience of DocuSign with the process modeling capabilities of Laserfiche® Workflow - providing organizations with an easy way to sign and send documents for signature without disrupting existing processes. The dynamic DocuSign Workflow Activity allows users to create DocuSign Envelopes using a DocuSign Template from Laserfiche® Workflow. Want to have the DocuSign Activity Workflow request a signature? No problem! Workflow Designers are able to drag activities into the designer and configure properties in the Properties Pane, allowing them to use the DocuSign Integration the same way they would use other Workflow Activities.

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    MagniMail Integration

    The importance of being able to track email correspondence is vital in today’s business. Email has become more than ever, a valid form of documentation. Protect yourself from the loss of this important correspondence, by integrating Laserfich®e Document storage with your Microsoft Exchange Server, using Cities Digital’s MagniMail solution. MagniMail automates the work that would be required to monitor, move, categorize, and store email records. MagniMail does not use Microsoft Outlook and users have no control in the archiving process.

    MagniMail delivers detailed configuration options you need to archive your email records most efficiently, in a way that makes sense to you. Laserfiche® profile configurations allow you to choose the manner in which your records will be archived by using dynamic file archive locations, document names, and template information to ensure that all of your correspondence is being placed where you want it. Directly integrating with Laserfiche®, you can use rules-based archiving with filters to make sure that only the items you want are archived. Attachment handling provides a painless way to file your email attachments separately.

    MagniMail ONLINE Integration

    MagniMail ONLINE is an email archiving system designed to provide automatic archiving of all your emails. This SAAS Solution provides for archiving from any email server that has auto-forwarding capabilities, or manually with any email client. MagniMail ONLINE provides auto-archiving as well as dynamic charts and graphs for a detailed overview of messages archived by Rule Set, User, and Keyword.

    MagniMail ONLINE offers solutions to common problems by:

    • Providing managers access to employee email to give communications guidance.
    • Allowing for capture and store message history from all employees.
    • Reducing daily message review headaches.

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    Scanner Integration

    Fujitsu ScanSnap Integration

    The integration for ScanSnap from Cities Digital allows users to automatically import scans from a Fujitsu ScanSnap device directly into folders within Laserfiche®. Once the integration has been configured, if any Laserfiche® folder is open when using ScanSnap to scan a document, the scanned document will automatically be imported to that opened folder.

    If a Laserfiche® folder is not open when scanning via ScanSnap, the integration will prompt the user to select a folder from a Laserfiche® repository where the scanned documents should be imported. After selecting a folder, the user will be able to apply appropriate metadata to the document.


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