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MagniVault is a private document sharing website.

How does MagniVault help you? 

Sharing contracts with your clients is critical and it seems inevitable that they will want access throughout the process. Why not send this information to MagniVault, where clients can find it easily, whenever they need to, safely and securely while saving you time and money. MagniVault is efficient.

How does MagniVault work? 

It’s very simple really. You can efficiently share customer invoices with hundreds or thousands of clients, or share important contracts with just one. While your clients will have private access to their documents, all files are in read-only format, so you stay in control. MagniVault  improves client relationships.

How is MagniVault different?

MagniVault is the ONLY system that comes fully integrated with Laserfiche document management systems. As a user you may choose documents to share by applying a “tag” within Laserfiche. When you do this, it securely and instantly transmits to MagniVault servers, making private access simple. Entire client or vendor lists can be imported into MagniVault with automated password creation. Confirmation emails are sent to clients or vendors.You can also custom-brand your MagniVault site for a more personalized feel. MagniVault  is unlike anything else out there today.

What does MagniVault cost?

A customized MagniVault experience begins at $300/mo. Contact Cities Digital at 855.714.2800 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to customize a MagniVault package that’s just right for you.


  • gives you the ability to send documents to and from Laserfiche 
  • gives you the ability to send notices and invitations to your clients automatically 
  • allows you to customize your interface to blend with your existing site
  • lets you share any type of documents and share comments

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