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Law Enforcement ECM with Laserfiche

ECM for Law Enforcement

Securely Share Sensitive Records Among Agencies

In an office managing the safety and security of citizens in the community, access to information is critical. That’s why digitization of information and document management have become essential to police departments and courts throughout the nation.A records center within a law enforcement agency runs 24x7 and has constant workload and workflow. Implementing a paperless solution keeps cases moving without delay and handles workload distribution. Paperless storage also enables investigators, sergeants and officers to access information that’s pertinent, immediately.

Casefiles stored within Laserfiche are able to automatically create their own case file and autofile. Cases needing an escalated review by an assistant chief or sergeant can automatically notify department heads via email. Cases that have been imaged and filed are immediately accessible to squads via a superfast thin client interface. Records staff have access through an integration in CAD orRMS.

Not all content generated in a police station is paper based. What about photos, recordings, voicemails or electronic documents? All this content is important to retain for consistent records management processes, and all of it can reside in a document management system like Laserfiche.

Information contained within casefiles typically take a long road to completion. Records staff, officers and sergeants all need access to this information but that’s not all. Immediate and automated access to casefiles can be extended to city and county attorneys to expedite filings. Not only does that empower users and increase efficiency, it also reduces costs associated with copying, couriers and staff time.

Access to information is important but security and accountability is important too. Much of the information captured and stored within a document management system is confidential in nature. With the use of Laserfiche Audit Trail all access to information within the system is tracked and logged. The Audit Trail logs what users are searching on, which documents have been viewed and most importantly what documents have been exported from the system. An intelligent document watermark can be forced on every document exporting your system.

The paperwork headaches within a public safety office don’t end with casefiles. Efficient management of business processes should extend to Human Resources, Property and Asset Management and Training. Requests for things like time off, equipment and training typically follow a paper-based process that’s time consuming and frustrating. These processes can be automated with a state-of-art system like Laserfiche.

Integrations with Laserfiche

  • New World Systems
  • Enforce
  • VisionAir

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