Project-Saving Custom Shortcuts in Laserfiche!


Your mouse batteries just died.

But you have to import a massive presentation file for your Denver team’s meeting that begins in three minutes.

What do you do?

You thank your lucky stars you read this quick tip, that’s what you do!

woo hoo

As is the case with a lot of software, Laserfiche has a plethora of functions at your disposal. However when it comes to daily use, many of us use only a very small portion of those functions. Why not consolidate those functions into customized keyboard shortcuts for both ease of use and as a backup?

It’s simple!

Inside your Laserfiche repository, right click anywhere on the toolbar and select “Customize.” Then click over to the “Keyboard” tab.

Here we are:


This interface allows you to assign keyboard shortcuts for any command in any category. Simply select the category, select the command you want to customize and designate any key assignment for it you wish! As you might assume, many of the core functions already have key assignments, but you are free to also customize those within this interface.

Enjoy your newfound peace of mind!

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