Using the New Client Portal from Cities Digital

The Client Portal from Cities Digital offers helpful content and allows you to interact with Cities Digital in a new, more comprehensive way.

Portal Menu

The Support menu allows you to submit and view open support cases with Cities Digital technicians. To start a case, click the “Add Case” button or the “Create Case” icon within the Cases menu. For the quickest and most helpful response, please fill out the case title with a brief summary of the issue and add a description of the issue, answering questions such as, “what is the issue” and “when did the problem start.” Next, a priority will be selected for the case and anything can be attached with relevant information, including screenshots of the issue, error logs if available, or anything else related. There is a maximum of three megabytes per attachment.

The Knowledge Base is a source of growing information with helpful tips, FAQ’s, and common issues with resolutions. Don’t forget to check this out if you are looking for answers or resolutions, it may just be in there.  Though the knowledge base may not contain every answer it is improved with new articles weekly.

The Events Menu includes Upcoming Events and Events you’ve registered for, named “My Events.” Cities Digital will keep this Event page up to date with the most recent Webinars, Workshops and User Groups.

The Documents Menu is a source for Public Documents, Company Documents or personalized Documents. Within the Public Documents section, you will find links for Laserfiche Downloads, Training Help Guides, and Technical White Papers. This is a good place to keep bookmarked, as it has some helpful guides on using Laserfiche and other software solutions. The Company Documents and personalized documents are a customized section where the user can store information within the company or personally.

To view the current configuration of your Laserfiche system or status of your Contract Lines, you can click on this menu to see each contract that is current and up to date.

The D3P Disc Submission Menu or Online Backup Menu is where you view and submit discs or view recent Online Backup statistics. To add a disc submission, enter a disc name, such as “Cities Digital Volume 34” and password for encryption. Next, click on save and send the disc to Cities Digital’s Hudson Office.

If you would like to change or modify any Settings with your profile, click on your name in the upper right corner. With this drop-down menu, you may view your profile, update a photo, change a password, modify email preferences and sign out from the portal.

Cities Digital Portal Dashboard


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