Canon Scanfront integrated with Laserfiche for true network scanning

One of the most frequent questions seen from IT Administrators is “Is that scanner networked?” The idea of a networked scanner is attached to those ubiquitous copiers with scanning functionality. However, other than a quick scan with scant metadata that scan gets fired over to a network drive where it is dealt with. This presents a problem. Most companies want to use their networked copiers to scan but don’t want to tie up their primary printer/copier while a user tinkers with a scan or tries to click through a dozen digital screens to change the file name.

This is where the Canon ScanFront comes into play. This unit is a stand-alone networked device that is added to your domain. Users can authenticate using their Windows credentials. The ScanFront 400 will scan at up to 45 pages per minute in color and can scan directly to Laserfiche, network drives, USB, FTP or printer.

Now consider using the ScanFront as a standalone scanner for your workgroup, no PC is needed and you can preconfigure the device for multiple scan jobs directly into Laserfiche.


Administrators are able to create custom job buttons for the ScanFront where Laserfiche folders are chosen, custom names, template fields and default scan settings.


It is anticipated that a device like this would be ideal for the occasional scanner in the department that needs to index a document, enter template data or even choose Laserfiche folders. Just think of the possibilities, if you have power and Ethernet you can put a scan station there. For more information about the ScanFront integration with Laserfiche please email Cities Digital at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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