From the Support Desk – Laserfiche 10.2


Last month, Cities Digital shared some of the changes and new features with 10.2 and some of the updated requirements. Nearly a month later, there are a few more updates to share directly from the support desk.

•  Some compatibility issues have been noticed relating to Forms and customizations with CSS and JavaScript. If a client is interested in upgrading to 10.2, but has created and customized Laserfiche Forms using CSS or JavaScript, it is recommended to notify the support team in advance that there are forms that have been customized. To make sure organizational processes do not get delayed, a possible test upgrade prior to the full upgrade may be required so that we can confirm that there will not be any issues with the customizations in Forms 10.2.

•  As a reminder, support has ended for 32-bit processors and operating systems that will run Laserfiche server 10.2. With this version and forward, Laserfiche will require a 64-bit server.

•  Since the Laserfiche client itself remains 32-bit, there are may be compatibility issues between the 64-bit version of Microsoft Office. One feature, in particular, is the drag and drop functionality between 64-bit Microsoft Office and 32-bit Laserfiche, which is not supported. However, this should not affect the Microsoft Office integration, as the Add-in should function normally between these versions.

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