Laserfiche Mobile App – What are you missing?

Laserfiche 10.2.1 – Why aren’t you using it yet?



Any user that’s been working in Laserfiche a long time knows that there have been big changes in Laserfiche and the wider technology landscape since Laserfiche was first developed. Users have had to move from using Pervasive to SQL, workstations to laptops, CDs to DVDs and so on. Making the move from the thick client to mobile may be the next step in the progression of Laserfiche in your office. Laserfiche has been undergoing rapid progression in the mobile app over the last year. Have you been keeping up? And what have you missed?

A couple things to consider about Laserfiche Mobile, the Laserfiche Mobile server installation has to be installed and configured. Typically clients will install this on their web server. Unless you’re a Laserfiche Cloud user Laserfiche Mobile uses all the same architecture your existing Laserfiche Server uses, meaning Laserfiche Mobile doesn’t connect to any third-party app server. You’ll need a 64 bit server for this too.

Laserfiche mobile supports some very key aspects of Laserfiche:

  • Secure login to repository
  • Full-text search
  • Create folders & documents
  • Upload images & documents
  • Take pictures/scan and image cleanup
  • Apply index fields and auto populate from barcodes
  • Digital signature
  • Save documents & forms offline
  • Launch business processes and approve business processes

Don’t forget that if you have Rio, you already have Web Access & Laserfiche Mobile. If you’ve been using Avante for a while you may not have Web Access (and thereby not have Mobile). This can be added. If you’re using United or Team Mobile is not available.




It gets even better in Laserfiche’s 10.2.1 Mobile release with these new features.

New Features in Mobile App

  • The Sign-in page has been redesigned to be more intuive and guide users through the sign-in process.
  • You now have the option to view Forms start processes as thumbnails
  • The user has the option to reset their password using the app if an admin requires a reset
  • Check in/Check out request by user on Answers
  • on Windows app, user can choose to download office integration plug in which is included in app server installation package.
  • on Android and iOS: share out the doc to other apps
    Tags request by user on Answers
    can add existing tags and remove the added tags
  • can create new tag if having Manage tag privilege, default will be informational tags (make them security in admin console or web client management)
  • can add security tag if having right to access it
  • Annotations
    • can delete from annotation list
    • can change annotation restriction type – None/Private/Protected
    • can comment for annotations
    • can check sticky note history
    • can change opacity for freehand and stamp annotation
    • can preview and download the annotation attachment (share to other app or save to repo as new doc)
  • You can start tracking versions on documents and folders (and subfolders) (version history can only be viewed in the web or Windows client)
  • Option to turn on/off the stream search in app settings from support case 184927.
  • When uploading a multi-page PDF as a new document, you are now able to sign every page of the PDF
  • Upload file (from other application) will keep the image file format
  • Along with documents, you can now save folders offline.
  • With LFS10.2.1, user can save blank independent field
  • Name changes:
    • Local > Offline
    • Laserfiche App Server > Laserfiche Mobile Server
    • My History > My Process Status

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