Learn more Laserfiche with Video Guides!

The Laserfiche Support site has a great section where users can view video guides on the products that they have released. Some of the video guides included are: Audit Trail, Forms, Import Agent, Laserfiche Web and Desktop Client, Workflow, Quick Fields, and many more. If there’s a feature that a user would be interested in learning more about; the video guides on Laserfiche Support is a great place to start.

In order to view this site, there is one thing that will need to be completed first; an account will need to be created with Laserfiche support.

To get an account setup, the first step will be to head over to this link in a browser.



Next, there is a section titled, “Browse Video Guides” where the user can click to be directed to the next page.

If the user already has a Laserfiche.com account, they will need to sign in with the email and password, otherwise, he or she will need to click on “Create an account” underneath the “Sign in” button, as the screenshot below shows.


To complete the Laserfiche registration, one will need to input the First and Last Name, Serial Number (this can be found in the “About Laserfiche” file menu in Laserfiche desktop or web client, see screenshot below,) then enter in the Company name, Job Title, Email Address and password.



After the account gets setup and verified with Laserfiche, users will be all set to view and browse the various training videos that they have on their website. It is a very helpful resource that should allow users to gain more Laserfiche knowledge quickly and efectively.


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