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Laserfiche® has released 10.2 and with this update come many exciting new features, improvements, additions, and bug fixes!
As Laserfiche® Software strives to become more stable and secure each year, there are a few important changes to keep in mind with your ECM system. 
Here are some of the highlights below:



New Features with 10.2

Laserfiche® Web Client adds convenience to users and admins with the ability to manage the repository in a single web-based location. In addition, the updates in the Web Client includes customization that allows users to tailor the Web Client to suit the needs of the organization.

Laserfiche® Server now supports several new search types that can be performed using the search syntax. These include; Attachment Annotation Text, Parent Template Name, and Security.

Laserfiche® RIO includes a new Laserfiche® Federated Search site that allows users to search across multiple repositories at the same time.

Laserfiche® Forms adds an updated site navigation page which links to all major pages in Forms. In addition, Forms adds a new lookup function for multiple data sources, better reporting with charts, and expanded notifications with termination and aggregated notices.

Laserfiche® Workflow introduces a few new improvements and features, which allow users to transfer folder structures between repositories, conversion of Epoch time to DateTime, and new rule wizards that can monitor entry name changes.

Laserfiche® Quick Fields includes a new dashboard landing page upon launch, which allows for better administration of running sessions.

Laserfiche® Import Agent includes new options of multi-threading for high volume imports.

Laserfiche® App adds updates that improve usability with layout improvements and features including Barcode Scanning, PDF compression, multi-value field support, Laserfiche® briefcase compatibility and automatic downloading of forms and tasks to mobile.

For more information on the new features and more, see the link below:

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System Requirements

• Support has ended for 32-bit processors and operating systems that run on Laserfiche® Server. With Laserfiche® 10.2 and forward, 64-bit processors and operating systems are required on the Server where Laserfiche® is installed.

• Support has ended for Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, or SQL 2000. If your server or workstation is running this software or operating system, you will not be able to upgrade to Laserfiche® 10.2. If you are still on Laserfiche® 9, it is recommended that you move to SQL 2012 or newer before upgrading to 10.2.

For more information on these details, see the link for the release notes below:

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