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Learn more Laserfiche with Video Guides!

The Laserfiche Support site has a great section where users can view video guides on the products that they have released. Some of the video guides included are: Audit Trail, Forms, Import Agent, Laserfiche Web and Desktop Client, Workflow, Quick Fields, and many more. If there’s a feature that a user would be interested in learning more about; the video guides on Laserfiche Support is a great place to start.

In order to view this site, there is one thing that will need to be completed first; an account will need to be created with Laserfiche support.

To get an account setup, the first step will be to head over to this link in a browser.


Next, there is a section titled, “Browse Video Guides” where the user can click to be directed to the next page.

If the user already has a account, they will need to sign in with the email and password, otherwise, he or she will need to click on “Create an account” underneath the “Sign in” button, as the screenshot below shows.


To complete the Laserfiche registration, one will need to input the First and Last Name, Serial Number (this can be found in the “About Laserfiche” file menu in Laserfiche desktop or web client, see screenshot below,) then enter in the Company name, Job Title, Email Address and password.



After the account gets setup and verified with Laserfiche, users will be all set to view and browse the various training videos that they have on their website. It is a very helpful resource that should allow users to gain more Laserfiche knowledge quickly and efectively.


From the Support Desk – Laserfiche 10.2


Last month, Cities Digital shared some of the changes and new features with 10.2 and some of the updated requirements. Nearly a month later, there are a few more updates to share directly from the support desk.

•  Some compatibility issues have been noticed relating to Forms and customizations with CSS and JavaScript. If a client is interested in upgrading to 10.2, but has created and customized Laserfiche Forms using CSS or JavaScript, it is recommended to notify the support team in advance that there are forms that have been customized. To make sure organizational processes do not get delayed, a possible test upgrade prior to the full upgrade may be required so that we can confirm that there will not be any issues with the customizations in Forms 10.2.

•  As a reminder, support has ended for 32-bit processors and operating systems that will run Laserfiche server 10.2. With this version and forward, Laserfiche will require a 64-bit server.

•  Since the Laserfiche client itself remains 32-bit, there are may be compatibility issues between the 64-bit version of Microsoft Office. One feature, in particular, is the drag and drop functionality between 64-bit Microsoft Office and 32-bit Laserfiche, which is not supported. However, this should not affect the Microsoft Office integration, as the Add-in should function normally between these versions.

Cities Digital Client, CCIT, Improves Efficiency with ECM!

pexels-photo-38904_paperless_law future123_small

Cities Digital’s Client, Marathon County (CCIT), was mentioned this month on! With Laserfiche Electronic Content Management (ECM) and Automation, they have improved efficiency in Government Law Enforcement processes. With ECM, they have saved countless hours on Warrant issues, decreased wait time on signature requests, and eliminated false arrests caused previously by slow, paper-based communications.

Clearly, going paperless is the way of the future. Great job CCIT!

See the link below for the full article:

What’s New in Laserfiche® from Cities Digital



Laserfiche® has released 10.2 and with this update come many exciting new features, improvements, additions, and bug fixes!
As Laserfiche® Software strives to become more stable and secure each year, there are a few important changes to keep in mind with your ECM system. 
Here are some of the highlights below:



New Features with 10.2

Laserfiche® Web Client adds convenience to users and admins with the ability to manage the repository in a single web-based location. In addition, the updates in the Web Client includes customization that allows users to tailor the Web Client to suit the needs of the organization.

Laserfiche® Server now supports several new search types that can be performed using the search syntax. These include; Attachment Annotation Text, Parent Template Name, and Security.

Laserfiche® RIO includes a new Laserfiche® Federated Search site that allows users to search across multiple repositories at the same time.

Laserfiche® Forms adds an updated site navigation page which links to all major pages in Forms. In addition, Forms adds a new lookup function for multiple data sources, better reporting with charts, and expanded notifications with termination and aggregated notices.

Laserfiche® Workflow introduces a few new improvements and features, which allow users to transfer folder structures between repositories, conversion of Epoch time to DateTime, and new rule wizards that can monitor entry name changes.

Laserfiche® Quick Fields includes a new dashboard landing page upon launch, which allows for better administration of running sessions.

Laserfiche® Import Agent includes new options of multi-threading for high volume imports.

Laserfiche® App adds updates that improve usability with layout improvements and features including Barcode Scanning, PDF compression, multi-value field support, Laserfiche® briefcase compatibility and automatic downloading of forms and tasks to mobile.

For more information on the new features and more, see the link below:

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System Requirements

• Support has ended for 32-bit processors and operating systems that run on Laserfiche® Server. With Laserfiche® 10.2 and forward, 64-bit processors and operating systems are required on the Server where Laserfiche® is installed.

• Support has ended for Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, or SQL 2000. If your server or workstation is running this software or operating system, you will not be able to upgrade to Laserfiche® 10.2. If you are still on Laserfiche® 9, it is recommended that you move to SQL 2012 or newer before upgrading to 10.2.

For more information on these details, see the link for the release notes below:

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Calling all Clients! You are Invited to Cities Digital’s VIP Client Outing 2017!





The Event Details:

- Date/Time: Thursday, February 9, 2017, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

- Location: The Federal Bar, 102 Pine Ave, Long Beach, CA 90802

- Please RSVP via the link below, then stop by the Cities Digital booth for your drink tickets.

- Free drinks and appetizers at the event!

- Short two block walk from the Long Beach Convention Center, right behind the Renaissance Hotel. (See map below for walking directions.)




Upcoming Webinars from Cities Digital

Webinar_Jan 2017

The best practices of Database Tuning and Maintenance

Cities Digital will be hosting a webinar on Wednesday, January 11th, from 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM CST. In this webinar, Mike Richardson, Cities Digital’s Director of Support, will be presenting on best practices of Database Tuning and Maintenance.

The presentation will cover:

1. Why performing SQL maintenance is important

2. General recommendations on database maintenance

3. Database tuning and setup for maximum performance

4. Best strategies for performance monitoring

5. Bonus: Best practices on backing up the SQL Database


A Day in the Life: Real Examples of Records Management in the Workplace

Cities Digital will be hosting a webinar on Thursday, January 26th, from 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM CST. In this webinar, Jessica Welsch, Director of Consulting, will be presenting on real life examples of Records Management in the Workplace.

The presentation will cover:

  1. Transparent Records Management (TRM) of the Future: Active vs. Closed Records – Want flexibility and control? Consider keeping an active and closed records set.
  2. Keep your sanity and your Event Based Cut-off’s – Use date formatting to make event-based cutoffs more manageable.
  3. It’s Destruction Time! – We’ll show the exact steps to follow when preparing records for destruction.
  4. Records Management Automation – What parts of Laserfiche Records Management can be automated, and what can’t.
  5. Got a mess? – Some easy tricks to help make sure things are configured correctly! (Including some that you can even automate!)

BONUS: This webinar will include 2 FREE workflows that you can download and 3 FREE saved searches that you can import.


Upcoming Webinars in December!

webinar picture dec


Cities Digital has two exciting webinars coming up December!

On Thursday, December 8th, from 2:00PM – 3:00PM CST, Jessica, Cities Digital’s Director of Consulting, will show a short presentation working with Microsoft documents with Laserfiche. This will include tips and tricks for managing document Versions in Microsoft Word. Following the presentation, will be a discussion-based forum, where you will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss ideas with our consulting team.

This presentation will cover:

1. Quick overview of the Microsoft Word Integration

2. What are “Versions” in Laserfiche?

3. Best practices on how to really collaborate on documents in Word

4. What can Workflow do with Word documents?

5. Top 3 Example Solutions using Microsoft Word



The next week, on Thursday, December 15th, from 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM CST, Morgan Wheeler, Senior Account Manager, will be presenting on using the Laserfiche CRM Workflow activities and how your workload may be integrated between CRM and Laserfiche workflows.

Some of the subjects will include:

1. The benefits of CRM Workflow Activities and what they do.

2. How Workflow coupled with CRM will increase productivity.

3. How to leverage your CRM to automate document handling

4. Creating new entities in CRM from Laserfiche Workflow

5. Syncing CRM data to documents in Laserfiche



Using the New Client Portal from Cities Digital

The Client Portal from Cities Digital offers helpful content and allows you to interact with Cities Digital in a new, more comprehensive way.

Portal Menu

The Support menu allows you to submit and view open support cases with Cities Digital technicians. To start a case, click the “Add Case” button or the “Create Case” icon within the Cases menu. For the quickest and most helpful response, please fill out the case title with a brief summary of the issue and add a description of the issue, answering questions such as, “what is the issue” and “when did the problem start.” Next, a priority will be selected for the case and anything can be attached with relevant information, including screenshots of the issue, error logs if available, or anything else related. There is a maximum of three megabytes per attachment.

The Knowledge Base is a source of growing information with helpful tips, FAQ’s, and common issues with resolutions. Don’t forget to check this out if you are looking for answers or resolutions, it may just be in there.  Though the knowledge base may not contain every answer it is improved with new articles weekly.

The Events Menu includes Upcoming Events and Events you’ve registered for, named “My Events.” Cities Digital will keep this Event page up to date with the most recent Webinars, Workshops and User Groups.

The Documents Menu is a source for Public Documents, Company Documents or personalized Documents. Within the Public Documents section, you will find links for Laserfiche Downloads, Training Help Guides, and Technical White Papers. This is a good place to keep bookmarked, as it has some helpful guides on using Laserfiche and other software solutions. The Company Documents and personalized documents are a customized section where the user can store information within the company or personally.

To view the current configuration of your Laserfiche system or status of your Contract Lines, you can click on this menu to see each contract that is current and up to date.

The D3P Disc Submission Menu or Online Backup Menu is where you view and submit discs or view recent Online Backup statistics. To add a disc submission, enter a disc name, such as “Cities Digital Volume 34” and password for encryption. Next, click on save and send the disc to Cities Digital’s Hudson Office.

If you would like to change or modify any Settings with your profile, click on your name in the upper right corner. With this drop-down menu, you may view your profile, update a photo, change a password, modify email preferences and sign out from the portal.

Cities Digital Portal Dashboard


Upcoming Webinar: Increase Productivity with Laserfiche Forms and DocuSign

Thursday, November 10th from 2:00PM – 3:00PM CST.

In this webinar, Ryan Patalita, a Cities Digital Account Manager, will be presenting how to utilize electronic signatures in Laserfiche with our DocuSign Integration, Laserfiche Forms and Digital Signatures with Laserfiche. Some of the subjects will include:

- Understanding the differences between Digital and Electronic Signatures
- Reasons to use Digital Signatures with Laserfiche
- How our DocuSign Integration increases productivity
- The benefits of using Laserfiche Forms
- Utilizing Mobile Signatures

Register at: