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From the Support Desk – Laserfiche 10.2


Last month, Cities Digital shared some of the changes and new features with 10.2 and some of the updated requirements. Nearly a month later, there are a few more updates to share directly from the support desk.

•  Some compatibility issues have been noticed relating to Forms and customizations with CSS and JavaScript. If a client is interested in upgrading to 10.2, but has created and customized Laserfiche Forms using CSS or JavaScript, it is recommended to notify the support team in advance that there are forms that have been customized. To make sure organizational processes do not get delayed, a possible test upgrade prior to the full upgrade may be required so that we can confirm that there will not be any issues with the customizations in Forms 10.2.

•  As a reminder, support has ended for 32-bit processors and operating systems that will run Laserfiche server 10.2. With this version and forward, Laserfiche will require a 64-bit server.

•  Since the Laserfiche client itself remains 32-bit, there are may be compatibility issues between the 64-bit version of Microsoft Office. One feature, in particular, is the drag and drop functionality between 64-bit Microsoft Office and 32-bit Laserfiche, which is not supported. However, this should not affect the Microsoft Office integration, as the Add-in should function normally between these versions.

What’s New in Laserfiche® from Cities Digital



Laserfiche® has released 10.2 and with this update come many exciting new features, improvements, additions, and bug fixes!
As Laserfiche® Software strives to become more stable and secure each year, there are a few important changes to keep in mind with your ECM system. 
Here are some of the highlights below:



New Features with 10.2

Laserfiche® Web Client adds convenience to users and admins with the ability to manage the repository in a single web-based location. In addition, the updates in the Web Client includes customization that allows users to tailor the Web Client to suit the needs of the organization.

Laserfiche® Server now supports several new search types that can be performed using the search syntax. These include; Attachment Annotation Text, Parent Template Name, and Security.

Laserfiche® RIO includes a new Laserfiche® Federated Search site that allows users to search across multiple repositories at the same time.

Laserfiche® Forms adds an updated site navigation page which links to all major pages in Forms. In addition, Forms adds a new lookup function for multiple data sources, better reporting with charts, and expanded notifications with termination and aggregated notices.

Laserfiche® Workflow introduces a few new improvements and features, which allow users to transfer folder structures between repositories, conversion of Epoch time to DateTime, and new rule wizards that can monitor entry name changes.

Laserfiche® Quick Fields includes a new dashboard landing page upon launch, which allows for better administration of running sessions.

Laserfiche® Import Agent includes new options of multi-threading for high volume imports.

Laserfiche® App adds updates that improve usability with layout improvements and features including Barcode Scanning, PDF compression, multi-value field support, Laserfiche® briefcase compatibility and automatic downloading of forms and tasks to mobile.

For more information on the new features and more, see the link below:

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System Requirements

• Support has ended for 32-bit processors and operating systems that run on Laserfiche® Server. With Laserfiche® 10.2 and forward, 64-bit processors and operating systems are required on the Server where Laserfiche® is installed.

• Support has ended for Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, or SQL 2000. If your server or workstation is running this software or operating system, you will not be able to upgrade to Laserfiche® 10.2. If you are still on Laserfiche® 9, it is recommended that you move to SQL 2012 or newer before upgrading to 10.2.

For more information on these details, see the link for the release notes below:

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Upcoming Webinars in December!

webinar picture dec


Cities Digital has two exciting webinars coming up December!

On Thursday, December 8th, from 2:00PM – 3:00PM CST, Jessica, Cities Digital’s Director of Consulting, will show a short presentation working with Microsoft documents with Laserfiche. This will include tips and tricks for managing document Versions in Microsoft Word. Following the presentation, will be a discussion-based forum, where you will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss ideas with our consulting team.

This presentation will cover:

1. Quick overview of the Microsoft Word Integration

2. What are “Versions” in Laserfiche?

3. Best practices on how to really collaborate on documents in Word

4. What can Workflow do with Word documents?

5. Top 3 Example Solutions using Microsoft Word



The next week, on Thursday, December 15th, from 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM CST, Morgan Wheeler, Senior Account Manager, will be presenting on using the Laserfiche CRM Workflow activities and how your workload may be integrated between CRM and Laserfiche workflows.

Some of the subjects will include:

1. The benefits of CRM Workflow Activities and what they do.

2. How Workflow coupled with CRM will increase productivity.

3. How to leverage your CRM to automate document handling

4. Creating new entities in CRM from Laserfiche Workflow

5. Syncing CRM data to documents in Laserfiche



Transform HR Processes with Laserfiche Forms and Laserfiche Workflow

We often talk about how Laserfiche can help organizations streamline processes and become more efficient, but many want to know what that looks like in practice. What can Laserfiche do specifically for your department? In this post, we will discuss in detail how Laserfiche can be used by a Human Resources department to improve day-to-day processes and save time.

Laserfiche can be implemented to be involved in almost every process that a HR department uses. Below we’ll discuss specifically how Laserfiche can be used for the entire hiring process.

At the very start, hiring managers could initiate a job requisition through a Laserfiche Form – which would then route to a member of the human resources team through email for their review and approval. Once approved, relevant parties could be notified to move forward – or changes could be requested prior to approval.

Next, when an applicant indicates they would like to apply for a position, they could be routed to a standard Laserfiche application form. Once an application is submitted, the hiring manager would be notified of the applicant’s submission via email – with the application form and associated uploaded files routed to the job requisition folder in Laserfiche. Then the hiring manager could indicate and initiate where the candidate is within the hiring process via template information & workflow.

When a new hire is made by the hiring manager, there are a number of automated activities that could be set up to execute. For instance, Laserfiche Workflow could be used to generate an employee badge, generate an employee file folder structure and prompt the hiring manager to fill out a new hire form. Finally, Laserfiche Workflow could generate emails to departmental staff detailing what actions they need to take for the new employee.  Note that throughout the entire process, the use of template information can be leveraged and automatically applied to facilitate searching.

So you can see from start to finish, Laserfiche can play a significant role in the hiring process freeing up HR departments to do more with less.

Click here to learn more about Laserfiche for HR.

Training Resources

I wanted to take a moment to share a couple of great resources where Laserfiche users are able to access training videos explaining tips and best practices to help them get the most out of their ECM system.

The first is the new Cities Digital YouTube page. The page is a compilation of existing informational and training videos Cities Digital has created. Whether you want to learn about the products Cities Digital offers – or get more information about the best way to use the products you’ve already purchased, the YouTube channel is a great place to find the information that matters to you.

View the new channel at

The second resource I want to inform you about is the Training Center for Laserfiche – an online, on-demand library of training videos created to provide convenient training – helping organizations increase their understanding of Laserfiche and improve productivity.

If you need more information about the Training Center and what kind of information can be found there, Cities Digital is hosting a webinar to discuss the Training Center’s features and benefits.

The webinar will take place on Thursday, June 19th at 3pm Central time.

>>Click here to register for the webinar

Workflow PDF Activities

Organizations who utilize PDF forms to gather information often are looking to incorporate them into automatic processes – that’s why Laserfiche allows for integration of PDF forms into workflows. This is done by adding PDF activities into a workflow – these activities can gather information from PDF forms, insert data into PDF form fields and verify the signatures on PDF forms.

There are three separate PDF activities that can be inserted into a workflow and configured in order for this to work – the activities are as follows: “Fill Out PDF Form”, “Retrieve PDF Form Content”, and “Verify PDF Signatures”.

The “Fill Out PDF Form” activity lets organizations specify the values or tokens that will go in a PDF form’s fields. The activity also allows organizations to assign values to fields individually or to assign a multi-value token to a table.

The “Retrieve PDF Form Content” activity reads a PDF form, gathers information from the form, and stores that information in tokens that can be used in other activities in the workflow.

Finally, the “Verify PDF Signatures” activity verifies whether the signatures on a PDF are trusted and creates tokens with information about the signatures.

To learn more about adding PDF Activities into workflows, download this white paper!

Upcoming Free Workshop 5/23 in Green Bay

Are you interested in hearing about the latest features available in Laserfiche® 9.1 – or learn best practices for document management from a Laserfiche® expert? Then join us for a live workshop May 23rd in Green Bay!

During the workshop, Cities Digital representatives will present on Laserfiche Workflow® 9.1 & Laserfiche Forms® 9.1, share helpful tips & tricks to solve common issues, answer questions in an open forum and more!

The workshop will be hosted by Brown County on the last day of the annual GIPAW Conference – and will take place at the Northern Building located at 305 E. Walnut Street, Green Bay, WI.

The workshop will begin at 8am with breakfast and finish around noon.

Register for the workshop on our events page. You will receive a confirmation email with information about the event including driving directions to the location.

There is absolutely no charge for the workshop and space is limited, so be sure to register soon!

Workshop Schedule:

• 8:30-9:00 – Introduction

• 9:00-9:45 – Laserfiche Workflow® 9.1, Laserfiche Forms® 9.1
Discussing the benefits of two of Laserfiche’s® most powerful and flexible features along with their latest updates.

• 10:00-11:00 – Laserfiche® 9.1 Tips, User Training Session
Covering the best practices for document management in general, and specifically using the latest version of Laserfiche®.

• 11:15-11:45 – Laserfiche® Mobile
Leveraging the power of Laserfiche’s® apps to remotely monitor and/or manage any process.

• 11:45-12:15 – Open Q&A
Sorry about the pto thing I really did something a request yesterday I just must have messed up. Hope it doesn’t seem like I was trying to pull something or anything. I feel bad about yesterday.

You’ve got questions – and now you’ve got Laserfiche Answers!

At the 2014 Empower Conference, Laserfiche unveiled a new online resource for addressing user questions and sharing best practices. Laserfiche Answers ( is a brand new forum where users can get answers to questions from other users and Laserfiche employees.

Take note that this new forum will replace the existing Support Site Forums – but don’t worry, all existing Support Site Forums will still be available through as read-only.

With Laserfiche Answers, it’s easier than ever to find relevant answers and ask questions – and users now have the option to include images, code, and attachments with posts.

To sweeten the deal further, Laserfiche is giving out prizes to users who often contribute good content. Users can earn reputation scores based on their activity and Laserfiche will give out prizes to those who stand out!

Click here to visit

Stop playing “Document Waldo” in your repository – improved search functionality

Many organizations play a time-consuming and inefficient game of “Document Waldo” when trying to access content within a repository. There are always instances where documents fall through the cracks and need to be called up using a custom search – when this happens, many people find themselves playing a frustrating search game.

Everyone needs to search from time to time, but with the improved search functionality of Laserfiche 9.1, games of “Document Waldo” may be easier and faster. Laserfiche 9.1 offers improved open text search, along with additional search parameters.

Whereas before text searches needed to match the text within a document exactly, text searches can now recall documents that match entered text even if the text is slightly off. For instance, if the majority of a sentence is typed in the search bar that matches an existing sentence, but is either missing a few words or includes a few extra words, the search will still recall the document with the closely matched sentence. This allows users to find documents using text search without being as precise.

Also, searches can now be applied to more specific parameters. In previous versions of Laserfiche, search options were restricted to full-text document searches only. In Laserfiche 9.1, search options are also available for several other search types: sticky note text, text box text, callout text box text, annotation comments, version comments, tag comments, and digital signature signing reasons.

Click here to learn more about the improved search functionality of Laserfiche 9.1 – and how you can gain an edge in the game of “Document Waldo”.

Use Audit Trail to Improve Business Processes

One of the most useful features Laserfiche offers is Audit Trail, which provides in-depth visibility into events that occur in a document repository.

Audit Trail allows users to track nearly any action in Laserfiche, and create custom reports showing the details that matter most to them.

If your organization is struggling to understand and control activity in your document repository, Audit Trail can provide the necessary insight into how content is handled. This will help you to understand and refine business processes.

Click here to learn more about Audit Trail.