Using the New Client Portal from Cities Digital

The Client Portal from Cities Digital offers helpful content and allows you to interact with Cities Digital in a new, more comprehensive way.

Portal Menu

The Support menu allows you to submit and view open support cases with Cities Digital technicians. To start a case, click the “Add Case” button or the “Create Case” icon within the Cases menu. For the quickest and most helpful response, please fill out the case title with a brief summary of the issue and add a description of the issue, answering questions such as, “what is the issue” and “when did the problem start.” Next, a priority will be selected for the case and anything can be attached with relevant information, including screenshots of the issue, error logs if available, or anything else related. There is a maximum of three megabytes per attachment.

The Knowledge Base is a source of growing information with helpful tips, FAQ’s, and common issues with resolutions. Don’t forget to check this out if you are looking for answers or resolutions, it may just be in there.  Though the knowledge base may not contain every answer it is improved with new articles weekly.

The Events Menu includes Upcoming Events and Events you’ve registered for, named “My Events.” Cities Digital will keep this Event page up to date with the most recent Webinars, Workshops and User Groups.

The Documents Menu is a source for Public Documents, Company Documents or personalized Documents. Within the Public Documents section, you will find links for Laserfiche Downloads, Training Help Guides, and Technical White Papers. This is a good place to keep bookmarked, as it has some helpful guides on using Laserfiche and other software solutions. The Company Documents and personalized documents are a customized section where the user can store information within the company or personally.

To view the current configuration of your Laserfiche system or status of your Contract Lines, you can click on this menu to see each contract that is current and up to date.

The D3P Disc Submission Menu or Online Backup Menu is where you view and submit discs or view recent Online Backup statistics. To add a disc submission, enter a disc name, such as “Cities Digital Volume 34” and password for encryption. Next, click on save and send the disc to Cities Digital’s Hudson Office.

If you would like to change or modify any Settings with your profile, click on your name in the upper right corner. With this drop-down menu, you may view your profile, update a photo, change a password, modify email preferences and sign out from the portal.

Cities Digital Portal Dashboard


Upcoming Webinar: Increase Productivity with Laserfiche Forms and DocuSign

Thursday, November 10th from 2:00PM – 3:00PM CST.

In this webinar, Ryan Patalita, a Cities Digital Account Manager, will be presenting how to utilize electronic signatures in Laserfiche with our DocuSign Integration, Laserfiche Forms and Digital Signatures with Laserfiche. Some of the subjects will include:

- Understanding the differences between Digital and Electronic Signatures
- Reasons to use Digital Signatures with Laserfiche
- How our DocuSign Integration increases productivity
- The benefits of using Laserfiche Forms
- Utilizing Mobile Signatures

Register at:

Project-Saving Custom Shortcuts in Laserfiche!


Your mouse batteries just died.

But you have to import a massive presentation file for your Denver team’s meeting that begins in three minutes.

What do you do?

You thank your lucky stars you read this quick tip, that’s what you do!

woo hoo

As is the case with a lot of software, Laserfiche has a plethora of functions at your disposal. However when it comes to daily use, many of us use only a very small portion of those functions. Why not consolidate those functions into customized keyboard shortcuts for both ease of use and as a backup?

It’s simple!

Inside your Laserfiche repository, right click anywhere on the toolbar and select “Customize.” Then click over to the “Keyboard” tab.

Here we are:


This interface allows you to assign keyboard shortcuts for any command in any category. Simply select the category, select the command you want to customize and designate any key assignment for it you wish! As you might assume, many of the core functions already have key assignments, but you are free to also customize those within this interface.

Enjoy your newfound peace of mind!

Easily Download Reports

Do you find yourself running the same searches on documents within your Laserfiche repository over and over again? Do you find that you are constantly reconfiguring columns depending on the items you are searching for? You can stop wasting all of that time! Laserfiche offers you the ability to save your customized search, allowing you to easily access and download the report information you are continuously looking for.

You might be asking yourself, “What? How?”

Let’s look at an example: Jane, the operations manager, finds herself running the same old weekly report on employee activity to ensure everyone is being productive. She spends countless hours reconfiguring her search columns to display a different set of data that is used to generate payroll reports. Jane is already efficient at navigating through the repository, but she is about to save even more time with customized searches.

First, she will generate her employee activity search just how she prefers it. Then she clicks “Save” at the top of the search configuration pane. Jane then names her search and she’s done!

The next time Jane needs to run the report on employee activity, she can click the “Load” button in the search pane and select her custom search.


Results from the Employee Activity Report

Capture 2

Another benefit for customized searches is that you don’t have to spend time configuring and reconfiguring the columns displayed in the search results. Once you have your search configured and saved, the columns configured are displayed and save as well.

Here’s another example: When Jane runs her payroll report, the columns displayed reference specific template data she uses to export to her payroll processor. The columns displayed on the Employee Activity report are different than the columns displayed on her payroll report. By having the search configured to display only the information she wants, Jane doesn’t have to spend time configuring the columns from the information she exported for payroll.

Capture 1

Customized searches saves, you and Jane a lot of time!

For more information or assistance with configuring your saved searches, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

2 Cities Digital Customers Win Run Smarter® Award in 2016

Cities Digital is proud to have two customers earn the prestigious Run Smarter® Award at Empower 2016.  The annual Run Smarter® Awards Program has recognized organizations that use Laserfiche enterprise content management (ECM) software to improve productivity, processes and overall results.  Award winners are chosen by a committee of Laserfiche executives based on creativity, operational improvements, use of Laserfiche software and resources, and inspiration potential for other Laserfiche clients. Cities Digital has now had Run Smarter® winners for 11 consecutive years, proving that year after year the Cities Digital team of Solution Consultants and System Architects and Trainers are giving customers the tools they need to succeed.  The Laserfiche® Run Smarter® award winners in 2016 include:

Moss Adams – Seattle, WA

Jamco – Everett, WA

Capturing Images with Laserfiche® Mobile

Want a way to capture and upload photos right from your iOS, Android or Windows mobile device?  Look no further!  Laserfiche® Mobile allows users to securely capture and upload photos, browse, search, copy, move, rename, download and delete documents, submit forms, view annotations, start and view business processes and more!  All these features can be accessed in and outside of your organizations repository, all while on the go with the easy to use mobile app from Laserfiche®.

le_mobile_template                   lf_mobile_options

Photos can be uploaded and added to your repository from other apps, the mobile device’s gallery or from the camera directly.  Indexing is made easy in Laserfiche® mobile with version control and full text search capabilities.  When uploading a new photo captured that has the same name as an existing document under version control, you can choose if you want to upload it as a new version or rename it and create a new document. Additionally newly captured images, PDFs, and images attached to forms can be signed with your finger or stylus before uploaded.

lf_mobile_takepic                     lf_mobile_recent

Worried about security issues? When taking a photo directly from within the Laserfiche® mobile app, no image is saved on the phone.  The image will either be stored into a repository if you choose to use it, or it will not be saved at all if you choose to retake the photo or cancel the import.  So if the worst is to happen and you misplace your phone, you will not have to worry about your sensitive information being compromised.

A common application for this includes the ability to assign Geotag locations, indicating the exact geographic coordinates of a photo taken and uploaded with your mobile device.  This is a great solution for organizations capturing high volumes of data and images in the field.  Cities Digital’s ArcGIS integration for Laserfiche®  allows an organization like this to upload documents to their Laserfiche®  repository straight from the ArcGIS interface, adding geotags to the uploaded documents producing visualized data on the dynamic ArcGIS map.  The map can be configured to display different variables depending on what an organization wants to track.  Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get more information and pricing on the ArcGIS integration from Cities Digital.

Upcoming Webinar: Laserfiche Upgrades and Server Migration Processes

Tuesday, January 26 from 11:00AM-12:0PM PST.

In this Webinar Mike Richardson, Cities Digital’s Director of Support will go through the typical steps a Laserfiche user can expect while completing an upgrade or server migration process. Some of the subjects will include:

- Reasons to consider an upgrade or migration.
- Things to consider first before upgrading or migrating.
- New server preparation.
- Migrating SQL data.
- Virtualization.

Register at

Populating Laserfiche Forms with Variables

Every time you create a new field in Laserfiche Forms, a corresponding variable is created. This variable contains the information a user enters in the field when they fill out the form. Variables are incredibly powerful because they allow you to work with placeholders for data that won’t be available until the process runs. They can be used to dynamically populate fields and tables. Check out Laserfiche Answers for tips on how people are using variables to populate tables.

The following Laserfiche Answers posts help explain the following:

- Inserting a variable into a table
Using variables to pre-populate forms
Using Forms table variables to populate PDF forms with Workflow

Cities Digital Client Recognized for Innovation

Recently Cities Digital’s client, the City of Fargo, ND was recognized for its innovative use of Laserfiche Forms within the Fire Department to reduce costs associated with unnecessary failed inspections, improve general compliance with building fire and safety codes, and cut in half the time required to complete the inspection process.

Click here to read the entire article and learn more about the City of Fargo’s innovative use of Laserfiche.