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Cities Digital Client Steinhafels Inc. Takes HR Paperless

Cities Digital client Steinhafels Inc. is a Midwestern furniture store chain with over 750 employees and more than 20 locations.  With the company experiencing rapid growth, Steinhafels was faced with some technical challenges managing a growing workforce and staying efficient.  This growth resulted in the companies HR department creating hundreds of non-standardized forms, an ad hoc method to gathering information and an absence of a standard streamlined process for onboarding new employees. 

Laserfiche has helped Steinhafels become extremely efficient and consistent with their employment practices by automating redundant tasks and allowing information to be easily searchable and shareable.  With Laserfiche Forms and Workflow, Steinhafel’s can now have their 60 plus HR forms accessed with the touch of a button by store managers, the HR department or any other employee, saving time and money. 

They have been able to completely automate the hiring process from posting the job to external career websites through closing a job requisition.  Implementing Laserfiche at Steinhafels Inc. has resulted in:

·         The HR and accounts payable implementations alone have resulted in savings of $78,369.20 per year. Laserfiche paid for itself in direct money and time savings within the first two years of the implementation.

·         All employee files are immediately available and detailed security settings allow Steinhafels to control who has access.

·         The hundreds of disparate hiring and application forms across the organization have been consolidated into 59 structured and consistent forms.

To learn how Cities Digital can help you implement your Laserfiche system and improve efficiency while saving time and money, contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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